the bunsWhen the buns are unmade…

The Buns, for us, it is THE rock discovery of our programming. A female duo, with guitar and drums, and the aesthetics of the 50’s: Emilie and Julie, aka Molly and June, two secretaries with buns, down from the high glass towers of Chicago, who rock the night in secret, after leaving the office… While they are currently recording their debut album in London, these two full class Parisian remind us that rock’n’roll can be played by two, with just a guitar, drums and a microphone. They will honor us by stopping in Gerardmer during their tour on Sunday afternoon. Expect a great discovery! When the heart and soul are there, what more can you ask for? Who owns the world? Buns!

The Buns will perform at the Gerardmer Motorways on Sunday, May 29, 2016 at 3.30pm.
Visit their official website and Facebook page.