francke02The French Prog rock reference!

Making a name in prog rock in France is not an easy task. Yet, in the space of two albums and numerous concerts, Franck Carducci has become the new benchmark in the matter. Polyinstrumentist (bass, piano, guitar, drums, etc.), this virtuoso has performed in twenty different groups throughout Europe before embarking on a solo career which started on stage in 2010, opening for one of his heroes: Steve Hackett (Genesis). With two studio albums to their credit, Franck and his renowned musicians strung tours to share with the audience their fantasy world, where we can hear the influence of the greatest progressive rock bands on the planet, from Pink Floyd to Genesis and Led Zeppelin … on stage, the “mad hatter” delivers a haunting music, powerful and spooky!

Franck Carducci will perform at the Gerardmer Motorways on Saturday, May 28, 2016 at 7pm.
Visit his official website.